Apex Legends had over 2.5 million players in its first day

Despite only being out for a couple of days, EA’s counting Apex Legends as a success. In a conference call on Tuesday, the publisher shared some of the results of the launch with investors, and it certainly sounds like it’s off to a very strong start.

Apex Legend’s launch proved to be EA’s biggest reveal in terms of peak and concurrent viewers on Twitch, said CEO Andrew Wilson during the call (transcript via Yahoo Finance). It quickly hit the number one spot. There were plenty of people playing, too, not just watching streamers. The Twitch numbers are likely inflated by streams sponsored by EA, but the player numbers speak for themselves.

“In the first 24 hours, we’ve had over 2.5 million unique users, training fast toward 3 million unique users, and nearly 600,000 peak and current users in the middle of a Tuesday, so it’s very early, but the response to the game has been very, very strong.”


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